Who We Are . . .

Sandra J. Hensley, LCB, CCS
Founder and President
Broker In Charge

As founder of IESS, Ltd, Ms. Hensley has more than 35 years of experience in all aspects of customs brokerage and compliance. Her specializations include import and export price analysis, billing audits, trade agreements, and in-house training programs.  Her first business venture was into the aluminum industry in support of a nationally recognized aluminum producer that required on-site, daily operational support to meet the ever increasing demand of maintaining worldwide relationships. The relationship gave birth to an innovative and dynamic approach to working with large high-volume clients.  As a former branch manager of one of the world's largest international logistics and customs house brokerage companies, her insight strengthens her ability to gain the trust and cooperation of customs brokers who are working with IESS clients.  With the building of a qualified and enduring team of international trade professionals, Sandra continues to offer supportive, compliant and operationally sound leadership to corporations operating across North America and into Europe. She has supported clients in the printing/packing industry, aluminum, customs brokerage and in select government/military contracting operations.

Angela L. Slaughter, MBA, CCS
Director of Operations

Ms. Slaughter has worked in international trade for over 25 years gaining experience in manufacturing, business modeling, operational analysis, import-export process mapping, compliance and change management. In addition, Ms. Slaughter passed the Customs Exam on May 1st, 2024 and is pursuing her brokerage license.  As a partner and operational head of the company, Ms. Slaughter oversees all of IESS’s daily business and remote operations, facilitates responsible supervision, and monitors overall service delivery across the company to insure that every client, regardless of size or volume, is part of the overall IESS experience defined by its President. Along with her MBA (Averett University, Danville, VA), she earned her Bachelors Degree in International Business from Old Dominion University.  She has also attended University of Michigan in furtherance of her education in finance.

Our Key Personnel:

Connie Bowen

With a sharp focus on meeting the demands of our highest volume corporate client, Ms. Bowen empowers the compliant handling of over 500 shipments a year by partnering with our client’s Customs Broker and customer service department, to maintain a superior level of care and record keeping in a demanding, daily support role for our corporate clients.

Grace Wiley
Assistant Auditor

Ms. Wiley brings to the table an experienced and reliable system to auditing and confirming hundreds of formal entries a year into the United States and Canada while insuring that high traffic volumes do not interfere with timely Importer Security Filings and entries.  Ms. Wiley also serves in a mission critical role of analyzing service delivery issues that can have a negative impact on cost of service delivery to our clients.

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