How We Help Day To Day . . .

Every member of our team understands the part they play in a much larger process. Our clients have integrated our support into their existing internal operations by:

(1) Using us as the primary point of contact for the customs brokers
to obtain classification numbers, values, supplier-side information, and entry approval;

(2) Providing us with all shipment information provided to the customs broker so that
all documents are audited and confirmed before the entry is ever submitted to Customs;

(3) Adding us to their internal team to evaluate, plan, create, and maintain
compliant and efficient relationships with their foreign suppliers;

(4) Relying on our team to draft and implement compliance manuals and work instructions that
outline step-by-step processes to completing foreign-based purchases and servicing non-US customers;

(5) Partnering with us to evaluate the gains and economic justification of specific international transactions, business endeavors, and supply partners.

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