What We Do Along The Way

OUR MISSION is to simplify yours…to deliver exceptional international business support related services that are carefully designed to help you meet your obligations to your suppliers, customers, the government, and to your employees. We accomplish this by partnering with your internal team. In some cases, we can serve as your internal team.

· Import/Export Compliance-related Services
· Full-time and Dedicated Support for Sales Operations and Customer Service Centers
· Auditing (back office/dedicated services or post-entry)
· CBP Audit Preparation/Annual Internal Audits
· Classification
· Business Modeling
· Foreign Supplier Support
· Employee Operational Training

When you ask us a question, we will not just quote the regulations to you. We get to know your product, your industry, and your company, which enables us to provide more relevant and effective support to your employees every day, across the United States, and throughout your global supply lines. Our team can provide direct support to your suppliers, customers, your purchasing agents, and customs brokers to ensure that all goes well in these highly competitive industries.

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