Challenges of Working Remotely . . .

For our company, the remote environment is routine and has been part of our normal business operations since 2012. Although we were forced to put the entire company remote in March, 2020, our transition was practically effortless. If the remote environment is new to you, the risks can be substantial in terms of missed communications from customs brokers, missed inquiries (via telephone and mail) from Customs and other government agencies, charged demurrage due to delays, and returned cargo due to lack of completed deliveries.

For some of our clients, especially the large ones with multiple locations, remote work has caused communication issues, record retention challenges, limitations in problem-solving capability, not to mention increased tension with suppliers, and a re-work and retraining of personnel. IESS has acted as a pivot-point for our clients during this crisis and been able to help maintain continuity and accuracy in our clients' operations because we are not distracted by the same circumstances they face.

If your needs are due to a deterioration of processes or accuracy due to your company's remote operations, or those of your broker, we can help. We are happy to help you get a long-term strategy in place to deal with an ever changing situation and to expedite what we need to in order to get it done.

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